VR Site Tour

By EarthCam, Inc.

VR Site TourVR Site TourVR Site TourVR Site TourVR Site Tour

EarthCam's VR Site Tour app gives Contractors, Developers and Retail Managers the ability to record detailed 360° images, video and environmental data or interior spaces.

With this unique app 360° images and video clips are geotagged to construction floor plans from a Ricoh Theta VR Camera. One 360° photo captures all four walls, floor and ceiling, providing as much information as 8 separate traditional photos, making this imaging technology a smarter way to monitor, document and promote construction progress. The 360° images are automatically assembled into a virtual reality guided tour within EarthCam's hosted Software as a Service, giving stakeholders the ability to remotely inspect each room and explore the jobsite in real-time from their desktop or mobile device. Share and promote ongoing progress by uploading 360° VR videos directly to YouTube. With EarthCam's environmental data technology, each image is noted with temperature, humidity and dew point, providing critical data for daily work relying on particular environmental conditions.

Through our partnership with PlanGrid, you can integrate your 360° VR jobsite images and view them within the PlanGrid platform for a unique project management perspective.

EarthCam's do-it-yourself VR Site Tour app has taken the time-consuming, multiple processes of traditional jobsite photography and reduced it to a straightforward solution for everyday interior build-out documentation.

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