WireTap Riff Recorder

By TC Electronic

WireTap Riff RecorderWireTap Riff RecorderWireTap Riff Recorder

With the free WireTap app you’ll never lose that million-dollar riff or killer chord-progression again. Just grab your phone and start capturing your ideas quick and easy no matter where you may find yourself when inspiration strikes. WireTap uses your phone's built-in microphone to record your guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, voice and well… basically any musical instrument you can think of. While it’s built-in peak meter ensures a perfect sounding take every single time. From there you can tag, name, group and trim your recordings or even share them with your friends, all via the app, giving you an unprecedented fast and fluent workflow. The distance from rough riff to finished song of awesomeness has never been shorter!

Capture your music instantly

• The simple and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to record your music.

• Unlimited recording time

• Features a built-in peak monitor, so your recordings won’t distort.

• Cut the unwanted bits off your recordings with the Trim tool.

• Easily delete an unwanted recording by swiping from right to left.

Catalogue your creativity

• The cool name generator automatically gives your recordings fun and creative names, so you don’t end up with an epic collection of untitled tracks.

• You can of course rename the recordings yourself, if you already have an awesome title in mind.

• Add tags to each recording, so it’s easier to find them later.

Collaborate Create

• Kick-start the creative process instantly by e-mailing your best recordings to your friends or bandmates directly from the app.

• You can also transfer your recordings to your DAW of choice, and start molding your sketch into a fully-fledged song.

Sync up with the WireTap Riff Recorder pedal

• Sync via Bluetooth

• Transfer recordings from the pedal to the app by swiping from the left to the right

• Remote control the pedal via the app

• Play your recordings on your phone or through your amp via the pedal

• Delete recordings on the pedal via the app

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