By xMatters


With a subscription to xMatters on demand and the xMatters Android app, you're ready to respond to any event or critical issue - anywhere, anytime.

The new xMatters Android app is a 'pocket command center' that allows you to:

- Send, receive and reply to critical xMatters notifications

- Access and initiate communication plans and instructions

- Track message delivery, escalation and response

- View personal on-call schedules

- Initiate conference calls that are simple to attend ("Press 1 to join the conference")

- Access personnel contact info for your organization

- Set custom alert tones to stand out

- Attach images to incident reports

- Extend your enterprise authentication to your mobile devices

- Protect sensitive data by enabling passcode lock

xMatters communication plans allow organizations to communicate to thousands of users simultaneously across many channels, including telephony, SMS, push notifications, email and paging. Using the xMatters for Android app, notification recipients can also receive push notifications.

To learn more about xMatters and explore its Community, visit xmatters.com and community.xmatters.com.

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