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If you want to know what people think about you, your company or your project by taking anonymous messages; xSay2 is there for you!

Several plausible reasons for using xSay2;

* Discover your weaknesses you do not know

* Learn what you need to do to be better

* Find out what your friends think honestly about you

* Discover the thoughts your friends are having trouble telling you

* Find out what your customers think about your company's products and services

* For teachers, discover what your students think about you or your lesson

xSay2 Features;

Write Anonymously: The person you sent the message to never know who you are, if you don't tell

Collect Honest Feedback: Since the identity of the senders is unknown, the feedback you gather is honest

Add to Favourites: Never lose messages which you liked by adding to your favourites

Share Your Messages: You can share messages on social media platforms that you want everyone to see

Report Bad Messages: You can report about annoying messages written in spam or for bad purposes

Protect Your Privacy: The messages you receive are not visible to anyone unless you share them

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