Catholic Catechism Trivia

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Catholic Catechism TriviaCatholic Catechism TriviaCatholic Catechism TriviaCatholic Catechism TriviaCatholic Catechism Trivia

Play a Free Catholic Catechism Trivia Game

How much do you know about the Catechism?

Test your knowledge of the Catechism in the areas of:

* The Profession of Faith

* The Celebration of the Christian Mystery

* Lift in Christ

* Christian Prayer

*** Free to play the whole game!!! ***

Work your way through seven levels of increasing difficulty!

Over 1000 questions to answer!

Start out as a pagan in the game, and work your way up to one of the highest offices in the Catholic Church!

This is a trivia game which tests your knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The more you play this trivia game, the more you learn about the Catechism. The large database of questions provides replayability in addition to the opportunity to employ the knowledge you gain from your mistakes to advance further in the game.

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