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Register your "Return visits" and "Not at home", keep a daily control of your activity in the ministry.

With an intuitive and friendly interface, you can have at hand the information you need.

Among the options it offers, you can:

- Keep a record of all your visits (known interface)

- Add photos to your visit record (from the camera or gallery) for a better reference

- Configure your notifications to receive alerts hours before your visit

- Configure the color of the notification led (depends on the mobile device )

- Record your monthly report of hours of theocratic activity

- Daily record of theocratic activity for better monitoring

- Enter, update and delete your information daily according to your theocratic activity

- Get your monthly and annual report of hours

- Send your monthly report in image or text format through the messaging applications you have installed < / p>

- Configure alerts for the monitoring and fulfillment of goals according to your theocratic privilege

- You can enter hours and minutes in your monthly report.

- A button was added to show the statistics for the current month, with information that will help you meet your monthly hours goal.

- A widget was added so that you can view the detail of your monthly progress in the ministry from the desktop.

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