Cell Widget

By Dieter Thiess

Small widget showing:

- Operator Name

- MCC (mobile country code) and MNC (mobile network code)

- Speed (HSDPA, EDGE, LTE...)

- LAC (Location Area Code)

- Cell-ID

- Current dBm

Each information can be hidden.

- Configurable Text color, size and opacity.

- Optional notification

- Notification without widget

- Action configurable when touching widget or notification

Other Features:

- Auto collect new cells. Cells are named with the celltower location, but the name can be changed.

- Option to flag certain cells as home cell. When enabling notifications and connected to a cell which is flagged as home cell, the notification icon becomes a house. This can be useful for people who can make cheaper phone calls when they are in a certain area. The cells have to be flagged manually since there is no way to do this automatically.

- Show cell position on map

- First seen and last seen time for each collected cell

- Import/export cell database

- Toggle flightmode (up to Android 4.2)


- INTERNET: Cell location lookup

- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: For getting LAC and cell id

- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Detect if device is in flightmode/offline


- WRITE_SETTINGS: Toggle flightmode (on devices lower than Android 4.2)


- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import database

Available languages

- english

- german

- swedish (by Göran Helsingborg)

- spanish (by DigiGato)

- bulgarian (by Stefan Stefanov)

- greek (by Filippos Grigoriadis)

- sinhalese (by Anil Weerasooriya)


Ideas? Questions?

Contact me: [email protected]

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