Counting for children (1~100)


Counting for children (1~100)Counting for children (1~100)Counting for children (1~100)Counting for children (1~100)Counting for children (1~100)

When first teaching about numbers, many parents and teachers tend to focus on the numbers' feature and order.

Teaching the number itself is important of course, but it is more important to understand the abstract and logical concepts underlying numbers.

This number app is designed as a easy and fun way to learn numbers from 1 to 100, as well as a variety of concepts such as space, weight, length, comparison, time, calculation through the child's perspective.

In addition, the process of collecting fruits and making jams is a natural and fun way to learn the number classification concept. Children can also study the differences in the language of numbers by supporting voices in 16 languages.

Do you want to be a good parent?

Help your children make their first steps in mathematics enjoyable and interesting.

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