Dynasty Legends 2


Dynasty Legends 2Dynasty Legends 2Dynasty Legends 2Dynasty Legends 2Dynasty Legends 2

DYNASTY LEGENDS 2 is a whole evolution of Hack Slash ARPG recreation. Thrilling battle expertise permits you wipe out 1000's of enemies all by yourself, become the overlord of the Three Kingdoms. Stunning graphics, deliver you back to chaotic ancient battlefields. Join the battle with your folks now and construct up your empire!

▶Break via the Limit◀

Designed with Next-Gen expertise, it will present you with the last word experience on your phone!

Ultra-high high quality 3D fashions and particular results bring you beautiful visible experience that you just never had before!

▶Great Battlefield◀

Rebuild a broad historical battlefield which accommodate hundreds of soldiers on the identical display. You can slaughter thousands of enemies in a single stage. One vs thousands! You're unstoppable!

▶Real-Time PVP◀

Various PVP modes, 1v1, 3v3, 60v60, each of them will make you thrilled!

Only skill matters! Every hero has been adjusted to make positive that you can have a fair struggle. Everyone stands on the same starting line, do you have the power and the braveness to try for the throne?

▶Family Comes First◀

There are many various social gameplays, you'll by no means need to battle alone. Create deep bonds with others and construct up your guild. You will win collectively and lose together, as a family! Now battle for the same aim with your brotherhood!

▶Immersive Experience of Story◀

In addition to thrilling gameplays, we managed tons of real-time rendering CGs which are greater than 20 hours to make positive that you're not only a player, but in addition a half of the Epic Three Kingdoms. You can stand beside those legendary heroes and create your personal legend!

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Customer Service:[email protected]

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