Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game

By Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story GameNot Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story GameNot Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story GameNot Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story GameNot Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game

Sick and uninterested in your ordinary typical superhero plots stuffed with clichés? Wonder what it's prefer to stay as an on an everyday basis citizen in a superhero universe? Play 'Not Exactly A Hero: Visual Novel, Story-driven Adventure Game' and find out!

Not Exactly A Hero

Riley, the game's participant character, is a substitute agent with the purpose of supporting a superhero's everyday activities. But primarily, Riley is an everyday citizen. Yes - just like you and me.

Relationship matters

In the sport, you'll go through numerous encounters with all kinds of characters in between circumstances:

Your boss, Chief, who's constantly beneath stress from low finances issues;

Your group's new recruit, Chris, who tries to scratch your ego on an everyday basis;

An 'Oobur' driver with a knack for stirring up different individuals's minds;

A kebab truck man with a bizarre and wonky persona...

You may befriend some of them. Some would possibly flip their backs on you. It's all as a lot as you and the alternatives you make.

Every playthrough is like enjoying a new game

As the plot unravels, there might be a LOT of selections you must make.

Each and every a kind of choices will construct up as you proceed, and will in the end decide the ultimate consequence.

This sport is full of 3 starting factors, 4 side character routes, 9 completely different endings and a bonus route for completionists.

You are the protagonist. Everything is as much as your choice.

Main Features

- Intriguing novel-style adventure game

- Marvel-esque light and witty atmostphere

- Stylish illustrations drawn by the artist from the game 'Underworld Office'

- Unique messenger-style gameplay

- 4 primary characters aside from the participant character - many various events and routes based on the interactions with each of the characters

- 9 different endings completionist bonus route

- 32 achievements forty eight collectible illustrations

Are you a fan of story-driven games, choice-based video games, visual novel video games, and/or games where you interact and build connections with different characters? Then you will love this sport as well!

More issues to point out!

- This adventure recreation is FREE TO PLAY (F2P)!

- This sport is a story-driven visible novel the place you get to live as an on a regular basis citizen within a superhero universe

- Meet and work together with various characters with completely different personalities. The characters might look cold and with an perspective on the outside, but are kindhearted on the inside

- Progress via the missions given by your boss and remedy distinctive puzzles in a time attack fashion

- This recreation is a choice-based recreation - storyline and ending will differ based mostly on the selections you make

- We still have a lot more tales to inform. We might be bringing extra visual novels, text-based, story-driven adventure games in the future

- If you want this recreation, check out our different video games, '7 Days' and 'Underworld Office'. You won't be disappointed!

We recommend this game to...

- Gamers with a passion for visible novel games, journey games, messenger type video games, and/or video games where you actively build connections with different characters

- Gamers who love light-themed superhero movies, comics, etc., or novels

- Someone who doesn't assume their life is particular - this game will provide you with the feels

- Gamers looking for Free to Play (F2P) video games, indie games, heartwarming and wholesome games

- Someone who likes Marvel movies and novel-based games

- The funniest sport ever for individuals who discover your usual usual copy-paste story-driven video games boring

- Gamers who are in search of OG indie games such as Undertale

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