Sid Eternal

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Sid EternalSid EternalSid EternalSid EternalSid Eternal

1. About Sidian

Cards could be obtained by defeating the enemy 'Irregular' that appears throughout class and exploration. These playing cards are the base unit of Sid Eternal referred to as 'Sidian(s)', and gamers can gather more than 1,000 Sidians. There are 5 rarities of Sidian, from 1★(normal) to 5★(S.Rare), and degree of card could be upgraded by fusing Sidian of the same card. Also, stage of Sidian talent could be upgraded through the use of supplies.

2.About Contents

- Dungeon

■ There are Magic Dungeon and Production Dungeon as the principle lessons of Sid Eternal. Rewards differ with each class. Sidian and manufacturing materials may be obtained by becoming a member of a category and successful a battle.

- Dorm

■ Your own Sidians may be grown up by fusing Sidian and leveling up Sidian skill, and be managed.

- Exploration

■ Select Sidians collected and Send them to Exploration. Through Exploration, gamers can obtain varied items and supplies, and undergo the charming story only for Sid Eternal

- Atelier

■ Items similar to Eternal may be crafted by using supplies and objects obtained from Production Dungeon and Exploration

- Library

■ Players can take a glance at particulars on Sidian, unique story, and mission.

- Circles

■ Players can either create a circle or join an existing one by getting an invitation or requesting to hitch the Circle. Circle members can get more rewards, and conquer raid with different circle members.

- Heroes Forest

■ Summon special Sidians by confessing your love by love letter to them. Special Sidians appear only in the Heroes Forest, and gamers can summon them to arrange a extra highly effective team for battles.

- Shop

■ Shop is the place where to buy objects or summon Sidians.

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