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It is an application that you can calculate steels weight by the pound. It provides a calculation derived from the weight. It also provides a calculation of cross-sectional shape and performance.


You can share, memorize, and e-mail calculations with text and CSV files.

You can enter standard of the steel plate.

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Hot Rolled Plates

Floor Plate

Expanded Metal

High Strength Plates

Hot Rolled Sheets

Cold Rolled Sheets


Wide Flange Beams

I Beams



Flat Bars

Strip Bars

Round Bars

Square Bars



Square Tubing

Rectangular Tubing

Round Tubing

Square HSS

Rectangular HSS

Round HSS

Standard Pipe(A53)

●Arbitrary Sectional Shapes

I beam

C cannel

L Angle

T beam

Round hollow tube

Rectangular hollow section

Round solid bar

Rectangular solid bar

Hexagon solid bar

Pound (lbs.) is the basic unit of weight.

A calculation is based on lbs./ft2 or lbs./ft.

Please use it as a calculator to get a steel weight.

【 Calculation of steel’s surface area】

You can calculate a surface area of the steel, for example, to get the area of painting.

Please note that “---ft2 “appears when a surface area is not calculated.

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