Super Mombo Quest

By Orube Game Studio

Super Mombo QuestSuper Mombo QuestSuper Mombo QuestSuper Mombo QuestSuper Mombo Quest

Super Mombo Quest is an action-packed precision platformer! A metroidvania with classic arcade mechanics, featuring some crazy fight, challenging combos and plenty of collectibles - all in an enormous interconnected world!

Get the proper combo in lots of of levels!

Travel through a large interconnected world made up of hundreds of areas, every with a quantity of difficult enemies. Some will chase you, some will shoot you, some will fly around… And some are extraordinarily dangerous! Can you be fast enough to defeat them all in a perfect combo?

?⚡️ Customize your gameplay with special abilities! ?⚡️

Unlock totally different Mombo forms to achieve speeds by no means before imagined! And use them to your benefit to uncover secrets and make highly effective combos!

Talk to NPCs, buy objects and get upgrades!

If you get uninterested in all of the depth, chill around and chat with the guardians of Subrosa. They will certainly provide objects and upgrades so you can challenge yourself much more.

?️ Save the lands of Subrosa! ?️

Don't let Subrosa be destroyed by the fearsome King of Nightmares. Prove to be the long-awaited prophesied hero. Everyone counts on you and your giant tongue! Are you ready to enterprise out?


Controller compatible!

Unlock skins to make combos in style!

A full free-to-play adventure!

Pay for an ad-free experience.

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