Supplication Verses in Quran

By Ayatapps

Supplication Verses in QuranSupplication Verses in QuranSupplication Verses in QuranSupplication Verses in QuranSupplication Verses in Quran

“Supplication Verses in Quran” is an Islamic mobile application incorporates all supplications verses in the holy Quran sorted as per the holy Mus'haf, additionally there's a simple explanation translated into several languages



2-No Ads

3- No Internet

4- Simple explanations

5-Explanations in several languages(Arabic,English,French,Spanish,Urdu and Indonesian)

And it is possible to add different languages within the coming versions

5- H.D MP3 audios, voice of Sheikh Maher Almuaakly Imam of the haram Al Makki

6-Sharing with associates by way of social medias

7-Generic bookmark

8-Several fantastic backgrounds

We all the time welcome your feedback and recommendations, Please don't forget to judge and share.

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