Tales of the Mirror

By LilithGames

Tales of the MirrorTales of the MirrorTales of the MirrorTales of the MirrorTales of the Mirror

Tales of the Mirror is a landscape-mode visible novel game created by Cotton Games. As a player, you remedy a collection of mysteries in the mid and late Ming Dynasty, within the south of Yangtze River. One day, whereas enjoying the view of a lake, you meet Ren Sanniang (a feminine NPC). After she tearfully tells you her bitter story, you decide to assist her redress the injustices her household had suffered.

You need to crack the case within a specified number of days, and you have to use an historical mirror to reveal the lies and secrets hidden behind the phrases in your quest for the truth. Behind the twists and turns of the weird story lies the human condition and life-and-death selections. Let us journey again in time to the Ming dynasty and relive this legendary story that occurred in the misty Yangtze Delta.

Game Features:

1. The exquisite ancient Chinese backdrops allow you to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of Yangtze Delta.

2. You shall be profoundly intrigued by the unexpected development of the plot and cannot help but delve additional into the mystery.

3. Truth isn't always apparent. The ancient mirror in your possession allows you to uncover deeply hidden secrets and techniques.

4. Clues lie between the strains. In the course of monitoring down the offender, you have to discover essential clues from the dialog, document them, and remedy layers upon layers of puzzles to unravel everything.

5. As a player, every alternative you make will affect the path of the plot and lead to different endings.

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