The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

By Pixmain

The Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

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This is a light-weight grand strategy sport with a novel authentic story background made by an indie group of 5. Although the gameplay is not exactly innovative, it represents our recreation producer's ardour and understanding of the traditional strategic games. With Eagarlnia, we hope to bring you an pleasant single-player technique recreation expertise that you do not have to rush to make the better determination, but would be ready to play wherever and whenever you are.

The game first launched an early access PC version last October. After almost a yr of tuning, we lastly achieved a 30-day rating of 90% positive suggestions, and finally we felt snug to convey Eagarlnia to you on mobile consoles.

You will enter a world of Swords Magic, the place there are nations with totally different characteristics and potential relationships, and you can choose to become the monarch of any country. Through wise administration of your own territory, you'll develop your economic and navy strengths, and finally conquer other countries and turn into the overlord of Eagarlnia.

In addition to the wealthy and colourful heroic paintings and pixel-style fighting scenes, you will experience these 3 key options:

1. A story-rich fantasy world with 5 dwelling races

Every existence on the earth of Eagarlnia has its own story where rivals could have been sworn brothers. You will progressively discover unknown relationships between the heroes, and alongside the way you'll set up your individual unique community, finally conquering them all.

2. A personalized gaming expertise with more than 350 heroes

From the very beginning of the game, you shall be able to customise the unique settings of your nation, the administration of your wealth, the configuration of the AIs, and so on.

There are more than 350 heroes within the game, where you presumably can have them be a part of your pressure via visiting, lobbying and capturing. Some of them are incomparable in intelligence, some are courageous, some are insidious and cunning, and some are despicable. Use them correctly to turn out to be a professional ruler. Some particular heroes even have their very own particular artifacts, which have to be unlocked by finishing particular missions.

3. A recreation for creating your individual epic story

You can choose from 19 forces of various advantages and expertise. You can grow your drive via internal affairs management, growth on wealth and energy, manipulating others by way of diplomatic techniques, buying talents from battlefield, dungeon journey and many other ways awaiting your discovery. The game can be designed to have more than 100 sorts of troops, of which cheap matching and deployment is vital to your vicotry. In addition, there are additionally hidden troops with highly effective skills packed with the mysterious powers for you to unlock.

Finally, we're desperate to know your feedback on the game by way of e mail to [email protected] or speak with us on Discord.

If you want the sport, it is much appreciated that you'd leave us an excellent review and score, which would really assist and help our growth staff in future updates and optimization! Thank you!

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