Trick Art Dungeon VIP

By G1 Playground Games

Trick Art Dungeon VIPTrick Art Dungeon VIPTrick Art Dungeon VIPTrick Art Dungeon VIPTrick Art Dungeon VIP

■ 2018 MWU Unity Prize Winner

■ 2017 Gyeonggi Game Creation Audition First Prize Winner

■ 2018 BIC Gran-Prix Finalist

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■ What is『Trick Art Dungeon』?

Trick Art Dungeon is the journey of a kid who is in search of his missing mother and father. Travel between imagination and reality to information him again to his parents.

Every moment of following the traces of his mother and father will be stuffed with surprises and amazing experiences of trick arts and recreation features.

■ Unforgettable Story

Mysterious experiences as you follow the traces of the missing parents

See the emotional modifications the child experiences.

■ Emotional graphics and sound

Experience the unique environment of Trick Art by way of numerous themes of the low polygon graphics and basic sounds.

■ Simple controls but thrilling actions

Anyone can take pleasure in this recreation with simple contact and swipes.

■ Do you wish to know more about Trick Art Dungeon?

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Access Authority

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