Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

By Prineside

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode 2 - Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

Every game in this Tower Defense strategy game (TD) is endless - stand against infinite number of enemy waves for as long as you can!

Complete the story line for great rewards.

- Simplistic, well optimized, tiny in size but overfilled with features: 14 different types of towers, 11 types of enemies, bosses, miners, teleports, barriers, modifiers, resources...

- Over 40 different levels with leader boards and plenty of quests - no endless grind!

- Towers gain experience, abilities, different aiming strategies and can be heavily upgraded

- Miners can be used to dig out Resources for new global upgrades

- Map editor can be used to build any map with resources won for each game.

- Music tracks are stored in maps and played with synthesizer! Players can create a great map with any music and share it with others.

- Huge permanent upgrades tree (over 300 different Researches).

- Many trophies (3D!) for completion of hardcore quests

- Detailed statistics for each game

- Synchronization of saved games with PC or any other available device.

- Game can be passed to unlock a Developer mode with infinite possibilities!

- No ads, everything can be unlocked for free!

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