Infinitode - the Infinite Tower Defense

By Prineside

Infinitode - the Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode - the Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode - the Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode - the Infinite Tower DefenseInfinitode - the Infinite Tower Defense

Meet the first mobile Infinite Tower Defense (TD), where you can build more than a thousand towers at the same time!

Вuild different types of towers to defend your base from the crowds of enemies, unlock new levels and hundreds of global upgrades, try to get to the higher wave!

Game features:

- Huge level maps for up to 1,024 tiles!

- Map editor

- Hundreds of different global upgrades that constantly affect each game!

- Every level is endless, higher enemy waves give more prizes

- Tower tiles have bonuses for different tower characteristics

- Made in the best traditions of Tower Defense genre

- Completely free - everything can be unlocked and upgraded using in-game currency, which is given after each game

If you want to play this game in other languages, visit for more details.

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