Sdorica: Puzzle

By Rayark International Limited

Sdorica: PuzzleSdorica: PuzzleSdorica: PuzzleSdorica: PuzzleSdorica: Puzzle

▼Fantasy Tactical RPG games

Legend has it that the world was as quickly as pitch black, all that existed was one large dragon. Eternity was given to the people by the giant dragon, but their freedom was deprived...Those enslaved have finally woke up. They went in search of hope, and a knight named Vendacti determined to struggle towards fate...

▼Experience a Story of Heroes and Heroines

Various beasts, an obstinate damsel, a swordsman from the Orient, a female service provider that carries firearms, and heaps of extra. Start constructing your favourite character! Follow the royal princess, Angelia, to guard the dominion, or comply with Leah, the demihuman with rabbit ears and enter the Rune Academy to study rune magic!

▼Collect Magnificent Characters

Wanna collect all kinds of characters? Sophie, a character done in the Onmyoji type; Kittyeyes, the catty maid; Yamitsuki, the killer that dons a kimono; Fredrica, the attractive witch who's eager on getting married; Law, who claims to be martial arts Grand Master, and lots of more. Follow these unimaginable characters and explore continent Vendacti!

▼Variety of Unique Gameplay Modes

Sdorica is a classic fantasy flip primarily based tactical RPG that makes use of the basic staff combo of assist, attacker, and tank. Remove the orbs strategically to solid spells, save the world, and obtain your fantasy. There are additionally adorable monsters for you to breed, and a cooperation system that lets you fight along with pals and guild members. This fun, fascinating and tactical gameplay experience is awaiting you!

▼Massive, Epic Storyline

Sdorica has an infinite worldview and an unprecedented epic story. Season 1 takes place in the corrupt Kingdom of the Sun that seems excellent on the surface...but darkness lurks inside; Season 2 opens up the Desert Kingdom that is continuously engulfed within the flames of struggle. Besides the compelling storyline, to make the RPG games extra lively, we've invited well-known Japanese CVs to do the voices for every character.

【Players can obtain this Tactical RPG recreation for free】

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