Debtrail: A Debt Collector and Bill Splitter

By Kpots Inc.

Debtrail: A Debt Collector and Bill SplitterDebtrail: A Debt Collector and Bill Splitter

Debtrail is a modern and simple debt collector, that allows you to recover lend money with minimal effort by sending reminders to debtors. It’s for people that lend money and later have some issues to bring their money back due the lack of communication.

With Debtrail you can create recurrent debts, this feature can be really helpful in several cases, one example is a landlord that every month needs to check the payments from his tenants.

You can start with Debtrail in 5 steps

- Sign up using your Google account, Facebook account or your email.

- Create a debt.

- Import or create a debtor.

- Select the reminders interval and communication methods.

- Relax and wait for the notification when the debt is paid.

With Debtrail you can:

- Keep a record of your lend money.

- Send periodically reminders to debtors by email or text messages.

- Scan and split receipts.

- Get alerts when the money is paid.

- Check in real-time the balance of unpaid debts.

- Audit the actions that happen to debts.

- Create recurrent debts. (Monthly, Bi-Weekly)

- Schedule debts for future dates.

- Import contacts from the device.

Additional features that you will find in the app:

- Multiple currencies (Euro, Yen, Pound among others).

- Sign up integration with Google and Facebook.

- In-app payments to upgrade to the PRO plan.

- Push notifications

Download today and enjoy using the app

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