By Freedom In Christ Ministries


If you’re looking for the app that goes alongside disciple, the course from Freedom In Christ Ministries, then you’ve found it! This app will accompany you and help you get the most out of disciple.

You’ll be able to access the Starter Film for each session in advance and receive timely extra nuggets and points to think about in between sessions.

In addition it is packed with great stuff like extra teaching sessions on:

- Why believe the Bible?

- The gift of sex

- The truth behind the occult

- God, my Father

- Overcoming fear and taking a risk for Jesus

- Introduction to The Steps To Freedom In Christ

Then there’s the Stronghold-Buster Builder where you can:

- Input the lies that are holding you back

- Find the liberating truth from God’s Word that will set you free

- Set daily reminders to renew your mind

And finally it’s loaded with extra goodies such as the three Truth Encounter lists from disciple.

This is not just another app. It’s a key part of your journey to discover who God has made you to be and what God has created you to do!

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