Family Medicine Study Guide

By Family Medicine Study Guide, Dr. Daniel Leger

Family Medicine Study GuideFamily Medicine Study GuideFamily Medicine Study GuideFamily Medicine Study GuideFamily Medicine Study Guide


We are pleased to announce that the Family Medicine Study Guide is currently participating in a national educational research trial that includestwelve of Canada's Universities. This study is a collaboration between McGill University and Western University and has been granted full ethics approval. Only registered voluntary participants are required to sign in to the app's educational research module. The app will onlybe collecting non-personal information from the participants involved in the study. We will not be collecting any information from non-participants or regular users of the app. The "internet permissions" and "run at startup" messages are required in order to conduct this nation-wide educational research. We appreciate all your support and understanding. We look forward to advancing the world of educational research !


A portable "study buddy" to enhance your family medicine learning experience.

Learn on the go… Refresh your knowledge… Enhance your teaching...

The Family Medicine Study Guide is a charitable educational project which includes a collection of originally authored short answer management problems covering a variety of family medicine topics which allow primary care physicians, family medicine residents, medical students, nurse practitioners and physician assistants the opportunity to learn and grasp key clinical concepts in Family Medicine.

This "study buddy" was created as a portable curriculum to help motivate learning and allow users to track their studying progress throughout their family medicine training and career. As new information or concepts are acquired, users are able to amalgamate their knowledge into a single source which can be saved and used in future clinical years.

Key features include:

- 80 Original Short Answer Management Problems

- 398 Short Answer Questions with answer keys

- 150 Rapid Fire Questions

- 50 Quick Pix Dermatology cases with 152 related questions

- Over 2 hours of Mini-Podcasts

- Clinical Pearls to assist in remembering key clinical concepts

- Mini-Exam Mode to generate spontaneous questions

- Clinical Notepad to help track and save your acquired knowledge and study tips

- 99 Family Medicine Topics Checklist to help track your studying progress

- Ability to flag topics or questions that require further study

- Random case option to help mix up your studying

- Links to key educational resources, websites and medical journals

- Links to over 40 Major Canadian Practice Guidelines

The Family Medicine Study Guide is a non-profit project. It was created by an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Schulich School of Medicine Dentistry at Western University. Therefore, 100% of the author's revenue will be used to ensure the sustainability of the app and be donated to various charities around the world. Learn Give Back...

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