Find The Differences - Clash Of Scenes

By Black Hooter Games

Find The Differences - Clash Of ScenesFind The Differences - Clash Of ScenesFind The Differences - Clash Of ScenesFind The Differences - Clash Of ScenesFind The Differences - Clash Of Scenes

Download “Find The Differences - Clash Of Scenes” and test your observation skill with the most interesting “spot the differences game"!

Observe, locate and find all the differences in this free spot the distinctions game

while you uncover dozens of images on the way.

Improve your observation skills and train your brain playing Find the Differences 300 levels!

Take your time, observe, compare and spot the concealed distinctions, as this is not that type of find the differences game where you are rushed to detect all the distinctions.

Uncover, detect and spot the concealed 2400 differences, comparing 300 high quality images.


● 300 Different high quality colorful images

● 2400 Concealed Differences to detect locate per image

● Find 8 differences in a unlimited time!

● Play at your own pace with No Time Limit!

● ZOOM for the pictures!

● Cannot spot find a challenging distinction? Use some hints to detect it

● Improve your attention and observation!

Find the Differences 300 levels is a free puzzle game known as “Clash Of Scenes” where you look for differences between two pictures.

If you enjoy playing games like Hidden Objects this puzzle game is perfect for you!

You can contact us via this email: [email protected] , if you have any problem about Find The Differences - Clash Of Scenes.

Thanks for your effort to help us.

Enjoy The Game!!

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