Fitness: Home Exercise, 30 Days Body Workout

By Shooter Game Dev

Fitness: Home Exercise, 30 Days Body Workout

Work out at home and keep fit in 28 days! Our app offer you pratical motivations and you can lose belly fat in a few minutes of workout each day.

We offer different pratice everyday, which you can follow and workout at home to get fit in 28 days.

Workout Daily Plan

Workout at home easily in 28 days challenge, only 4 weeks, 28 days for abs and full body.

Daily workout to lose fat

HIIT Workouts

We have best fat burning workouts and HIIT workouts for you to build better body shape. Losing fat and burning calories within few minutes by follow our critical plan.

Fitness Ation Show

We offer exercise with ation shows, which is 3D models that easy to understanc and follow. With our gym model, you can easily lose fat and built your body in few days.

Fitness app for all people

Our app is easy to learn but not really easy to insist on。 Only people eager to lose fat can finally success after 28 days exercises.


Effective workout for fat burning

FREE workout and no need to unlock

3D model video to follow

Personal Trainer for you to lose fat easily

Abs and full body workout at home, burning calerios and keep fit in 28 days

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