Foodie - Fill One Line Puzzle

By Puzzle Saga Studio

Foodie - Fill One Line PuzzleFoodie - Fill One Line PuzzleFoodie - Fill One Line PuzzleFoodie - Fill One Line PuzzleFoodie - Fill One Line Puzzle

Foodie - Fill One Line Puzzle is an interesting puzzle game with simple easy-to-learn gameplay. Just drag on the little happy pig and let it eat all the food on the board by drawing out one-line on the screen as quickly as you can.


• Activate Your Brain to Solve Puzzles

You might not find the right path in seconds, try to make corrections quickly and keep your mind sharp.

• Nice Bright Designed Interfaces

All the in-game elements like buttons, backgrounds, animations, and interactions are perfectly designed in detail.

• Diversified Foods for You to Unlock

Enjoy the happy time to unlock tasty food like dessert, cookies, cakes, hamburgers and more.

• Try to Find the Best Solution

There might be more than one way to solve some certain puzzles, you can "Retry" to find out the best one.


- Drag and move the pig to draw out one line

- Eat all the foods on board without a stop

- Tap on a certain block to change your direction

- Use the tools like "Retry", "Help" or "Hint" when needed


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It seems that the adorable happy pig is really hungry, you can feed it with different kinds of food by solving all the puzzles. Are you ready to start the challenge?

Download and play this INTERESTING one line puzzle game NOW!

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