Fretello - Guitar Lessons, Tabs

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Fretello - Guitar Lessons, TabsFretello - Guitar Lessons, TabsFretello - Guitar Lessons, TabsFretello - Guitar Lessons, TabsFretello - Guitar Lessons, Tabs

Fretello teaches you the guitar skills you need to play the songs you love, helping you learn guitar with interactive tutorials. You’ll master all the basic skills with our guitar lessons for beginners, develop them with our daily workouts, then put everything into practice by learning to play your favorite songs.


We’ll teach you everything from how to sit and hold your guitar to mastering notes, rhythm and melodies in our fun and simple guitar lessons. Plus, you’ll get detailed feedback on your progress from our artificial intelligence listening technology.


We’ll help you practice and develop while you learn to play guitar, just like a real-life guitar teacher. We’ll structure your daily workouts and create guitar lessons to improve your skills and techniques while customizing your exercises and sessions so they’re specific to you.


And here’s the fun bit about learning to play guitar with Fretello. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll put everything into practice by teaching you to play your favorite songs using simple step-by-step instructions. You’ll be rocking in front of your friends (or even a live audience!) before you know it.


To make sure you can access all of Fretello’s features and get the best possible guitar-learning experience, we need permission to access the following functions:


Fretello needs access to your microphone to give feedback on your playing.


Fretello needs access to your phone's storage to download song sheets for you to practice offline.





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