GalleryVault: Secure Folder Locker

By Media Tech Studioz

GalleryVault: Secure Folder LockerGalleryVault: Secure Folder LockerGalleryVault: Secure Folder LockerGalleryVault: Secure Folder LockerGalleryVault: Secure Folder Locker

GalleryVault: Folder Lock Private Photo Vault Easy and safest way to create a secure location on your device to store and protect your personal or important images, video and documents etc. Galleryvault provide personal gallery where you can keep your most memorable data and ensure that friends who use your phone don’t see your personal pictures, video and file. Galleryvault Best privacy protection app to easily hide your photos videos, what’s more, Private photo vault Beautiful Design, and vault app provides smooth and amazing media browse experience for you. Photo vault give Photo video hider most popular photo video locker and album vault application. GalleryVault private photo and video locker app that lets you hide private picture lock and photo hider albums or secret videos behind the PIN code.

Gallery vault new app used as secure private folder and album locker. Get image vault, picture safe vault and file protection. Photovault app have a hidden folders to safe folder. Folder lock is available in this Gallery vault app. Hide folder by Gallery Vault App. Download folder locker photo gallery vault to safe and secure files. Secure files should be in secret folders. Lock folder is necessary to create secret file. Media vault is Safe to protect video. GalleryVault is a safe folder locker. Gallery Vault Provoides picture vault and gallery security. Private photo video locker hide files in a Secure folder.

GalleryVault: Folder Lock Private Photo Vault great app for Photo Manager, photos and videos view, Keep safe your gallery and no need to worry when giving your smart phone to friends and family when GalleryVault app installed in your Mobile. Private photo vault Hide Pictures Videos light but powerful privacy protection calculator vault app to hide and encrypt pictures and videos behind password. Calculator photo vault With Galleryvault Lock Hide Pictures Videos, free to lock all your images, and videos. Galleryvault Keep safe your gallery and no need to worry when giving your smartphone to friends and family when Gallery Lock Hide Pictures Videos privacy picture vault app installed on your phone. You can import your private images and videos in secure galleryvault picture or video lock. Photo vault Lock great privacy protection tool for Android.

GalleryVault: Folder Lock Private Photo Vault application that hides your private photos and videos in file locker vault. Hidden text app maintains your privacy and facilitates you to hide your private Document, photos and videos. Photo locker secures your Photo and video only accessible via secret PIN code. Just set PIN code and save your photos in private galleryvault place easily. You can restore Items and Share them as well. Pic vault and Video Vault not only moved your photos to secret location on your phone but also hide them from any other apps. Photo locker user friendly and Very Easy to Use, You can create new folders, and even can share or view images within hidden photo vault app. Gallery Locker can also hide your private photo and video in your phone using galleryvault new Hide photo and video secure your privates photos and video in phone Using folder lock.

GalleryVault: Folder Lock Private Photo Vault best Secret file locker, photo hider photo lock app, security hide private photos videos. Photo vault excellent, feature rich app for organizing your photos. Password protects your photos, organize them, display them slide show style, and share photos via email or social networks. Secure vault is smart gallery, format galleries, collection Gallery with android Gallery.

Features of GalleryVault: Folder Lock Private Photo Vault

Best photo vault

Hide Photos, Videos document

Free to use, Fast Secure Gallery

Best lock app to lock your images and videos

No storage limitation to hide photo and hide video

Fully Pin protected

Easy gallery management of hidden photos or videos

Create secret notes

Hidden media vault absolutely free


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