Guardian Soul

By mobirix

Guardian SoulGuardian SoulGuardian SoulGuardian SoulGuardian Soul

It's a masterpiece RPG that attracts gamers all over the world by combining real time strategy (RTS) and action RPG

! Guardian Soul is the fantasy role playing endless rts strategy of your dreams!


Are you looking for less stressful but more exciting RTS RPG game?

Then join the spectacular wars participated by commanders throughout the world! This new concept RTS RPG will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Specially crafted for the real fans of free RPG games and Real Time Strategy games.


Our fantasy RPG leads you on a journey filled with tons of worlds, monsters, enemies,

and endless dungeons.

– All with visually impressive graphic art. Browse our unique guardians, pick your favorite and try to dominate on your own in a RTS RPG, or against other players in an online

role playing adventure!


Variety of strategies in real time

✅ Tap drag! Easy control in real time strategy (RTS)

✅ See different guardians their skills

✅ Create your own guardian combo.

Create your own special guardian!

✅ Make your own kind of guardian however you want! New guardians will be regularly updated!

✅ Unlimited character mastery at your own freedom!

✅ Special buffs are provided for enhanced combo attack!

Create your own special guardian!

✅ Make your own kind of guardian however you want! It will be regularly updated with new ones!

✅ Unlimited character mastery at your own freedom!

✅ Special buffs will be given for your combo!

Enormous contents comparable to that of MMORPG MMORTS

✅ 15 chapters of story modes!

✅ Diverse dungeons that you can endlessly enjoy such as Dimensional Dungeon and Rank Battle.

✅ Endless diverse dungeons you can experience.

Real time network contents with users from all over the world ★ -

✅ Boss raid that allows up to five global users in real time!

✅ Battle against one global user in three rounds of PVP online battle.

Guild contents with users all over the world

✅ Endless journey to become the best guild in the world!

✅ Fiercely fight for your guild honor!

✅ Fiercely fight for resources!

✅ Cooperate with your guild members in the guild boss raid!

Get ready for another counterattack soon!

See why we have been one of the best free role playing games.

Download this mesmerizing twist of the real time strategy and roleplaying games!

★User Permissions★

User permissions required for the game use.


Access authority is required to save and load game data.

"STEP 1. When the game is launched for the first time, allow permission for

[Access to Device Photos, Media, and Files] in the pop-up message window."

STEP 2. From your device's Settings menu, set Storage to Allow:

[Application manager Guardian Soul Permissions [Storage]

Free RPG.





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