Halaqah - Muslim Meditation

By Traveller Tech

Halaqah - Muslim MeditationHalaqah - Muslim MeditationHalaqah - Muslim MeditationHalaqah - Muslim MeditationHalaqah - Muslim Meditation

Verily with the remembrance of Allah do hearts discover rest.

Quran thirteen:28

Anxiety, sadness and stress.

We all expertise it in some type in our lives.

But after we calm our thoughts and realign ourselves back to the supply of all life, it brings us tranquility.

Halaqah is your digital spiritual circle, with dhikr classes and guided meditations, to deliver tranquility and peace to your coronary heart.

We've created a group of adhkar that immerses you in a robust collective experience that may treatment the symptoms of busy dwelling, and likewise some guided mindfulness sessions that will assist you in your day.


1. Daily remembrance

2. Guided meditation and mindfulness sessions

3. Download your chosen sessions to play offline

4. Track your progress

Download now and begin your journey to a greater self.

Please leave us a evaluate and share with anyone who might benefit.

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