QWIC Dashboard

By QWIC-Hartmobile BV

QWIC DashboardQWIC DashboardQWIC Dashboard

Thanks to the free app from QWIC, essential information about your QWIC E-bike can be accessed directly from your smartphone. It displays the number of kilometres covered, general bike settings, remaining range in kilometres, time and battery charge. In short: the phone becomes the bike display!

After your journey you can get more insights into your previous rides, check the health of your bike and also configure some settings to suit your riding preferences. In addition, If there is an update available for your bike, this app will allow you to update to the latest version.

The following QWIC E-bikes are compatible with this app:

QWIC Performance Series: MA11 Speed, MD11 (incl. Speed), MN380 and RD11 (incl. Speed)

QWIC Urban Series: R1, RD9, FN7 and FN7 Lite

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