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Rehab Guru ProRehab Guru ProRehab Guru ProRehab Guru ProRehab Guru Pro

It contains over 4500 exercises that are easily searched to produce programs involving an easy to use interface. All our exercises are created by our team of fully trained Physiotherapists and exercise professionals. There is metadata applied to each exercise so they can be filtered and searched by Equipment, Exercise Goal, Movement Direction, Joint, Muscle Group and much more.

Rehab Guru’s 4500 exercises include over 12000 images which provides a fantastic coaching aid for your patients and clients. Below is a small list of the types of exercises that we have in our database:

- Stretching

- Strengthening

- Isometrics

- Neural Exercises

- Taping

- Balance and Proprioception

- Foam roller

- Resistance Band

- Suspension trainer

- Postural training

- Gym Ball Exercises

- Olympic Lifting

- Partner Exercises

and much more…

Filter Search

Searching by filters allows you to find the exact exercise you are looking for. You can combine filters to narrow down the number of exercises by Equipment, Goal, Body Part, Joint,

For example, you may search:

Body Part Shoulder

Equipment Resistance Band

Movement External Rotation

Delivering exact results within this criteria.

Exercises can also be created using the camera on your smart device or more simply for cardiovascular programmes.

Using the simple user interface you can create, edit, save and duplicate exercise programmes for your patients and clients. Once created / edited they can be sent to you patient’s email address. Your client will receive an email containing a link so they can view their programme immediately using the Rehab Guru Client Portal. No Printing! They can access this link whenever they like and can even print the programme from this webpage. The webpage can be accessed on every device - ideally mobile devices taken into the gym or training location.

Exercise programs you create can be saved to your account for future prescriptions.

You can share your saved programmes with other professionals and colleagues. Great when working in a team or sharing ideas with like minded professionals.

Rehab Guru also has a number of pre-made protocols that have been written by our team of professionals for your use as a template for editing or may be sent directly to your client.

Clients can also be managed using the App. Rehab Guru keeps a log of every programme that has been sent to a client and they can even be sent again if needed.

Features include:

Exercises created by fully qualified Exercise and Medical Professionals.

Over 4500 exercises with 12000 images

Clear instructional programmes sent via email

An improved professional service to your clients / patients

Live Search for exercises

Filter Search

Create your own exercise

Client Portal

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