Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle


Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action PuzzleZombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action PuzzleZombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action PuzzleZombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action PuzzleZombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle

Seek and Strike! Sweep Zombies not Mines!

Brain Action Puzzle, Zombie Sweeper

A revolution of minesweeper with extra action and fun!

If you want to know how this unlikely combination of zombies and minesweeper came to be, download "Zombie Sweeper - Minesweeper Action Puzzle" now!


A highly confidential bioweapon development project led to the birth of "Kent". His escape has led to an outbreak of the zombie virus, and humanity faces their biggest threat in history. A new task force, USTF (Undead Special Taks Force), is formed by the government to sweep out the zombies, rescue surviors and develop vaccines. Now as commander of USTF, complete missions and save the world!

[Game Features]

1. One-of-a-kind action puzzle game!

2. Juicy action and animation!

3. Numerous missions with uniquely designed Special Forces troopes and Zombies!

4. Fascinating story accompanying the exciting game-play

5. Simple yet in-depth strategies

6. Various Acievements and a global ranking system

[Recommended for]

1. Those in search of an innovative game

2. Zombie fanatics

3. Nostalgic minesweeper

4. Fans of Action and Puzzle games

5. Those looking for games to de-stress in their free time

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Please use the 'Contact Us' button in the in-game settings for any further questions or enquiries.

If you have any issues running the game, please let us know via [email protected].

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